Flag Counter into the night.


going back to school after a break is like when you pause a video game to go pee and when you come back you forget how intense and chaotic everything was when you paused it and the second you unpause it all your enemies collectively punch you in the face

Guys, I’m sorry I don’t post much stuff on here, but I have a holiday and I’m in Austria, so I mainly want to enjoy the vacation instead of being on Tumblr. I’ll be back in less than a week now. :)

im gonna be hot in a few years i swear


when u accidentally click a link so u dont release the mouse and kind of slowly drag away from the link. threat avoided. citizens safe. for now.



so apparently people talk to their pets in baby voices, but when i see my cat i’m just like ‘hey brad’ and he’s like ‘meow’ and the conversation is over.

I don’t know why but for some reason the fact that your cat’s name is brad is hilarious to me